Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Pablo Neira Ayuso Added to Netfilter Core Team

Pablo Neira Ayuso Added to Netfilter Core Team The Netfilter Project has added a new core team member, Pablo Neira Ayuso according to the following email which was posted by Yasuyuki Kozaka to the Netfilter development mailing list:

The Netfilter Core Team is proud to announce the addition of Pablo Neira Ayuso as a new member. He has repeatedly demonstrated high insight and coding standards, and has already been responsible for several parts of the codebase, especially ctnetlink, conntrack and conntrackd. By joining the Core Team, Pablo will definitely help advance the development of the Netfilter project to a higher level.

Welcome Pablo!

This is an excellent development as he is technical editor for my upcoming book "Linux Firewalls: Attack Detection and Response".