Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Single Packet Authorization and Port Knocking Forum

Single Packet Authorization and Port Knocking Forum Sebastien Jeanquier has started a dedicated online forum for the discussion of port knocking and Single Packet Authorization. I think this is a great idea, and will help to increase awareness in SPA and related technologies. Here is Sebastien's first post that introduces the forum:

   There have been numerous debates around the subjects of Port Knocking and Single Packet Authorization (SPA). Does it increase security? Does it not? What are the drawbacks? Although I would definitely group Port Knocking and SPA under the "Port Knocking" banner, the two methods are actually quite different, and many people sometimes confuse them.

Despite all the discussion, there has not been any dedicated forum for those with interests in these great subjects... until now. This forum is open to any and all discussions about PK and SPA ideas, developments, and uses; and you will undoubtedly get plenty of clarifications or help with regards to how PK/SPA work and how to use them in your security implementations.

One topic that I would like to see discussed is what the ideal features, design, and implementation would be in an SPA system. There are many considerations here, everything from what the right way is to interact with the packet filter to which language to use.