Michael Rash, Security Researcher

fwknop-1.9.2 Release at SOURCE Boston

fwknop-1.9.2 Release at SOURCE Boston Today at the SOURCE Boston computer security conference I will give a talk entitled "Advanced Linux Firewalls" in which I will present many of the themes I discuss in my book published late last year by No Starch Press. This talk will also launch the 1.9.2 release of fwknop, and present several new features such as client-derived access timeouts, the ability to select any of several digest algorithms (SHA-256, SHA-1, or MD5) for replay attack detection, the removal of the Salted__ prefix in SPA packets encrypted with Rijndael, and blacklist IP exclusions for incoming SPA packets. Many of these features were implemented by the SPAPICT team as well as several other contributors, and I wish to thank all who participated in the fwknop development process.

      You can download fwknop-1.9.2 here, and for those interested in the changes in the fwknop-1.9.2 release, here is the complete ChangeLog:
  • Crypt::CBC adds the string "Salted__" to the beginning of the encrypted text (at least for how fwknop interfaces with Crypt::CBC), so the fwknop client was updated to delete the encoded version of this string "U2FsdGVkX1" before sending a Rijndael-encrypted SPA packet on the wire. The fwknopd server will add this string back in before decrypting. This makes it harder to write an IDS signature that looks for fwknop traffic; e.g. look for the default prefix string "U2FsdGVkX1" over UDP port 62201, which would work for fwknop clients < 1.9.2 (as long as the port number is not changed with --Server-port).
  • Added more granular source IP and allowed IP tests so that access to particular internal IP addresses can be excluded in --Forward-access mode. A new keyword "INTERNAL_NET_ACCESS" is now parsed from the access.conf file in order to implemented these restrictions.
  • (SPAPICT Group) Added BLACKLIST functionality to allow source IP addresses to easily be excluded from the authentication process.
  • (Grant Ferley) Submitted patch to handle SIGCHLD in IPTables::ChainMgr.
  • (Grant Ferley) Submitted patch to handle Linux "cooked" interfaces for packet capture (e.g. PPPoE interfaces).
  • (SPAPICT Group) Applied modified version of the client-defined access timeout patches submitted by the PICT SPA Group. There are two new message types to facilitate client timeouts; one for normal access mode, and the other for the FORWARD access mode. In the access.conf file, there is also a new variable "PERMIT_CLIENT_TIMEOUT" to allow each SOURCE stanza to allow client-defined timeouts or not.
  • (SPAPICT Group) Submitted patches to include support for the SHA1 digest algorithm for SPA packet replay attack detection. I modified these patches for maximum configurability (see the --digest-alg argument on the fwknop command line), and the ability to use the SHA256 algorithm as well. The default path to the /var/log/fwknop/md5sums file has been changed to /var/log/fwknop/digest.cache, and the default digest algorithm is now SHA256 (but this is tunable via the DIGEST_TYPE variable in the fwknop.conf file).
  • Added the Digest::SHA perl module in support of the SHA1 and SHA256 digest algorithms for replay attack detection and SPA message integrity.
  • Added full packet hex dumps (including packet headers) to fwknopd in --debug --verbose mode. This is to help diagnose packet sniffing issues over the loopback interface on Mac OS X (first reported by Sebastien Jeanquier).
  • (Test suite) Bugfix to ensure that the FWKNOP_DIR variable is set to the local output/ directory in several of the test config files in the test/conf/ directory.
  • (Test suite) Added several tests for configurable digest algorithms in support for the SHA256, SHA1, and MD5 digest changes made by the SPAPICT Group.
  • Updated the fwknop client to always call encode_base64() with the string to encode along with a second null-string argument to force all encoded data to not include line breaks.
  • Bugfix in to not test for the iptable command on non-Linux systems, and to not test for the ipfw command on systems that are Linux.
  • (Test suite) Updated to include the /proc/config.gz file so that the kernel config can be reviewed (not all Netfilter hooks are necessarily compiled in).