Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Software Release - gpgdir-1.9

gpgdir-1.9 released The 1.9 release of gpgdir is ready for download. This release introduces minor fixes to change the --Obfuscate file format and adds process locking against multiple instances of gpgdir from operating against the same directory.

On a side note, Ben Martin wrote an article on gpgdir entitled "Protecting directory trees with gpgdir" for Ben emphasizes using the gpgdir --Wipe option to securely delete files from the filesystem after they are encrypted with GnuPG, and I agree with this. In addition, there is nothing that prevents gpgdir from being used in conjunction with an encrypted filesystem such as Cryptmount to achieve additional protections for directory structures (which gpgdir does not alter).

Here is the complete ChangeLog: for the 1.9 release:
  • Changed --Obfuscate-filenames format to not include the gpgdir PID. This allows directories to be encrypted/decrypted under -O multiple times without creating new filenames (which would pollute encrypted directories under rsync to other systems). The new -O encrypted filename format is just "gpgdir_<num>.gpg".
  • Added PID locking against directories so that multiple gpgdir processes cannot operate against the same top-level directory simultaneously. This is useful for users that typically operate with multiple shells and might launch gpgdir from any of them.