Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Three software releases - psad, fwknop, gpgdir

Three software releases The following releases of the Cipherdyne security projects are now available: psad-2.1.3, fwknop-1.9.5, and gpgdir-1.9.1. The motivation for a group release stems from the need to make similar changes to the fwknop and gpgdir projects to update to version 2.11 of the Class::MethodMaker perl module from CPAN - a dependency of GnuPG::Interface. This version fixes a build error under recent versions of perl (such as perl-5.10.0) which are distributed on systems like Fedora 9. Also, for both fwknop and gpgdir, thanks to a suggestion made by Jean-Denis Girard on the fwknop mailing list, the default locale has been set to "C" via the LC_ALL environmental variable so that GnuPG output can be properly interpreted even on systems where a different locale is used. The locale can be manually set or not used at all with two new command line arguments --locale <str> and --no-locale respectively. On another note, Kevin Hilton has written an excellent how-to for fwknop on Ubuntu systems.

For psad, it was time to make a new release after it became necessary to update the whois client so that IP addresses such as (which was scanning a psad user) could be properly identified with whois records. In addition, psad was updated to parse syslog files directly for iptables log messages instead of requiring reconfiguration of the syslog daemon to write messages to the /var/lib/psad/psadfifo named pipe. This simplifies the proper installation of psad, and is now a default setting. Although there is a slight performance penalty since psad now parses all messages that are written to the /var/log/messages file (this is the default path), it should not be noticeable on most systems. Further, the old behavior of using the named pipe can be restored via the ENABLE_SYSLOG_FILE variable in the /etc/psad/psad.conf file.

Finally, Franck Joncourt has made excellent progress in developing Debian packages for the IPTables::ChainMgr and IPTables::Parse modules, and he is also close to a Debian package for the fwknop project.

The complete change logs for these new releases can be found as follows: psad-2.1.3, fwknop-1.9.5, and gpgdir-1.9.1