Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Morpheus-fwknop Windows UI update

The speed at which the open source software movement develops new code is frequently quite impressive, and people crank out higher levels of production when they do something they really like to work on. This remains true for the new Morpheus-fwknop Windows UI written by Daniel Lopez, and a new release (0.7) of Morpheus is now available from Sourceforge. The release notes for 0.7 read as follows:

  • Implement PGP Encryption.
  • Allow to Open multiple port on Forward/Nat Local mode.
  • New UI with a little more color.
  • Launch an Application after sending the SPA Packet.
Here are a couple of screenshots of Morpheus in action. The look and feel has changed quite a bit from the previous release. morpheus-fwknop 0.7 morpheus-fwknop 0.7