Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Speaking at DojoCon

speaking at DojoCon UDPATE: The talk slides can be downloaded here and a video of the talk is available too.

On Friday November 6th I will be giving a talk on Single Packet Authorization with fwknop at the upcoming DojoCon conference at Capitol College in Laurel, MD. This talk will focus on some recent developments in the world of fwknop development and the resulting enhancements to SPA capabilities. Topics to be emphasized include:

  • The new libfko C implementation and what it means for SPA deployments.
  • Interface monitoring for administrative control changes and increasing packet counts. This adds an extra dimension of reliability for fwknopd server operations.
  • HTTP proxy support, as well as the development of an SSL web gateway for sending SPA packets on behalf of client systems that cannot construct SPA packets themselves.
  • Development efforts for future fwknop features (such as additional client integration, and deployments on embedded Linux distributions).