Michael Rash, Security Researcher

Book Announcement - Linux Firewalls: Attack Detection and Response

Linux Firewalls Book I am writing a book for No Starch Press entitled "Linux Firewalls: Attack Detection and Response". This book will be available for purchase in late February of 2007, but can be pre-ordered online through No Starch or through Amazon. Topics covered in the book include intrusion detection and prevention with iptables firewalls, and this includes significant coverage of both psad and fwsnort. In addition, two chapters deal with the rise of port knocking and Single Packet Authorization, particularly with fwknop. I'm currently writing the last four out of a total of thirteen chapters, so the bulk of the writing is finished. Pablo Neira Ayuso of Netfilter fame is the Technical Editor for the book, and his input has been invaluable to tightening many of the technical arguments. Ron Gula of Tenable Network Security has also written some kind words about the book.