Michael Rash, Security Researcher

EnGarde Secure Linux Bundles fwknop and psad

EnGarde Secure Linux Bundles fwknop and psad The EnGarde Linux distribution, which focuses on security, has announced that they now bundle both fwknop and psad within their latest release (3.0.18). Here is a quote from their press release:

   Guardian Digital is happy to announce the release of EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.18 (Version 3.0, Release 18). This release includes many updated packages and bug fixes, some feature enhancements to Guardian Digital WebTool and the SELinux policy, and a few new features.

In distribution since 2001, EnGarde Secure Community was one of the very first security platforms developed entirely from open source, and has been engineered from the ground-up to provide users and organizations with complete, secure Web functionality, DNS, database, e-mail security and even e-commerce.

Coupled with the EnGarde annoucement, has published an article about how to configure fwknop on EnGarde systems to add a strong default-drop stance for SSHD:

   This article will walk the reader through an EnGarde Secure Linux implementation of fwknop, from the initial iptables rules setup to the deployment of fwknop on both the server and client side. By the end of the article, the user will be able to explicitly shutdown all access to the EnGarde Secure Linux SSH daemon to only those with fwknop credentials.