Michael Rash, Security Researcher

fwsnort Available in Fedora Repositories

fwsnort on Fedora The fwsnort project is now available directly through the Fedora RPM repositories (for Fedora 12 and 13) thanks to Guillermo Gomez. The version that is currently bundled is fwsnort-1.0.6. Once fwsnort-1.2 is released, the implementation of large iptables rule sets that are derived from Snort rules will become a lot faster. This is because fwsnort is going to support the iptables-save format by integrating the complex rules built by fwsnort with any existing iptables policy that is instantiated in the kernel. This is made possible by interpreting the local policy and splicing in all of the fwsnort rules in the right places - each iptables chain is built from scratch upon an iptables-restore (including the built-in chains), so integrating with a running policy is not as easy as just adding each fwsnort rule into a set of custom chains. Compatibility with the iptables-save format has largely been completed with this patch in the fwsnort-1.2 development effort.

If you are running a Fedora 12 or 13 system, you can install fwsnort like so: # yum install fwsnort