Michael Rash, Security Researcher

HTTP Response Times for

smokeping I'm a big fan of the Smokeping project developed by Tobi Oetiker, and I use it to graph ICMP, DNS, and HTTP round trip times for my local internet connections and also for Since the beginning of 2010, I've switched around where was hosted from a system at a hosting provider in Canada to a system running on my home network (serviced by a Verizon FiOS connection). The drop in RTT's in mid-February was expected and quite large - going from an average of around 200ms down to about 20ms. Then, in June, I switched to a different Verizon DSL connection and moved the webserver system to a newer Verizon FiOS connection at a different location, and the RTT's went up a bit to about 50ms. Here is the graph: 400 days